Coordinating Lead Authors

1. Summary for Decision Makers

Jonathan Overpeck

Co-Director, Institute of the Environment; Professor, Department of Geosciences | University of Arizona

2. Overview

Gregg Garfin

Deputy Director for Science Translation & Outreach, Institute of the Environment; Assistant Specialist and Assistant Professor in Climate, Natural Resources and Policy, School of Natural Resources and the Environment | University of Arizona

3. The Changing Southwest

David M. Theobald

Senior Scientist | Conservation Science Partners

4. Present Weather and Climate: Average Conditions

W. James Steenburgh

Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences | University of Utah

5. Present Weather and Climate: Evolving Conditions

Martin P. Hoerling

Research Meteorologist | NOAA, Earth System Research Laboratory

6. Future Climate: Projected Average

Dan Cayan

Researcher | Scripps Institution of Oceanography and U.S. Geological Survey

7. Future Climate: Projected Extremes

Alexander Gershunov

Associate Research Scientist | Scripps Institution of Oceanography

8. Natural Ecosystems

Erica Fleishman

Researcher | University of California, Davis

9. Coastal Issues

Margaret R. Caldwell

Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program; Executive Director, Center for Ocean Solutions, Woods Institute for the Environment | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford Law School

Eric H. Hartge

Research Analyst, Center for Ocean Solutions | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

10. Water: Impacts Risks and Adaptation

Bradley Udall

Director, Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment | University of Colorado

11. Agriculture and Ranching

George B. Frisvold

Professor and Extension Specialist | University of Arizona

12. Energy: Supply Demand and Impacts

Vincent C. Tidwell

Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff | Sandia National Laboratories

13. Urban Areas

Stephanie Pincetl

Director, California Center for Sustainable Communities | Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, University of California, Los Angeles

14. Transportation

Deb A. Niemeier

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Director, UC Davis-Caltrans Air Quality Project | University of California, Davis

15. Human Health

Heidi E. Brown

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division, College of Public Health | University of Arizona

Andrew C. Comrie

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost; Professor, School of Geography & Development | University of Arizona

Deborah M. Drechsler

Air Pollution Specialist | California Air Resources Board

16. Climate Change and U.S.-Mexico Border Communities

Margaret Wilder

Associate Professor, Center for Latin American Studies; Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development; Associate Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy | University of Arizona

17. Unique Challenges Facing Southwestern Tribes

Margaret Hiza Redsteer

Research Scientist | U.S. Geological Survey

18. Climate Choices for a Sustainable Southwest

Diana Liverman

Co-Director, Institute of the Environment; Regents Professor, Department of Geography and Development | University of Arizona

Susanne C. Moser

Director and Principal Researcher; Social Science Research Fellow | Susanne Moser Research and Consulting; Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University

19. Moving Forward with Imperfect Information

Kristen Averyt

Director of Western Water Assessment; Associate Director for Science at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) | University of Colorado Boulder

20. Research Strategies for Addressing Uncertainties

David E. Busch

Science Program Officer | U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Region